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SAY: Looking Sharp Part II

At SAY, we love to create beautiful things. So do SAY'ers on their own time. Here's our second installment showcasing the talented amateur and professional photographers that work at SAY Media, a sample of their work, and a link to the artists' websites.

SAY'er Ryan Christo of San Francisco


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Missing Maui

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Heidi and Ryan

"A friend introduced me to lomography some years ago, and my love affair with plastic cameras began. A few years later, I got my first iPhone, and unfortunately it’s taken over as my point and shoot of choice. Every once in a while, on special occasions, I like to take out my LC-A+ and whisper in its lens that it’s still my favorite."

More Photos: Embarcadero Rocket, Welcome

SAY'er: Kimberly Yount of San Francisco


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"I've been very lucky to have the opportunity to travel to Canada, Europe and all over the US photographing touring punk bands. Because of this experience, I've not only seen the world but made some really good friends."

Other Photos: Antwerp, Phonebooth

SAY'er: Graeme Fouste of New York


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Andrew W.K.

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"I have always been a very visual person and I try make my photographs capture the emotion of the moment. My love for photography started from hanging out in rock clubs with friends who were photographers and just asking questions and practicing non stop once I got my first camera. I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a BA in Media Arts / Journalism and started freelancing as much as possible for local newspapers, blogs, national rock magazines and assisting other photographers in the advertising world. My goal is that photography will always be a constant in my life and never feel like a job... because that would suck."

Other Photos: Link

SAY'er: Pattie Beadles of San Francisco


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"Capturing postage-stamp-sized images and turning them into large prints is an intense technical challenge, and allows my gear-freak engineering brain to flex its muscles. Setting up a single shot requires a great deal of equipment, millimeter-precise control of camera and lighting, and excruciating attention to focus, composition, and exposure. Using this exacting and unforgiving technology to create images is the best of both worlds for me get to use my love of technical geekery to satisfy my artistic eye."

Other Photos: Recent Flower Experiments

SAY'er: Olivia Hall of New York


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"This body of work was inspired by an interest in supernatural photography of the 1800s. I looked closely at photographers at the time who captured mediums and seances that were often debunked as hoaxes. Despite the photographs' inauthenticity, I was very intrigued by how frightening yet organic they were. While taking great care the in the composition of the background through which the object would float, I created images that recreated their supernatural counterparts, without any reference to anything fantastical thus focusing on the motion of the objects and how they exist within and disrupt an interior landscape."

More Photos: These Are Not Boring

SAY'er: Sebastian Menard of Montreal


Image Title11

Tin Hat

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Blue Hat

"Those pictures are what I see behind the mask. Photography is like chasing the "spirit within", the “essence” of the subject. A portrait is just a glimpse, a fraction of a second; but it last forever. This is why I love this medium; it’s all a matter of timing, catching the moment when a person is nothing else but himself."

More Photos: After the Jump

SAY'er: Eliot Weisberg of San Francisco

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