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SAY Rocks (In More Ways Than One)

At SAY, we love music. We bring awesome bands to our parties, we include classic lyrics in our blog posts, we sponsor fun music events - and we hire talented musicians too. People who create music in their time off do not disappoint. Give them a listen and give them some love.

Vera Fernandes, "Independent Pop Artist"

SAY'er: Vera Fernandes, Australia

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Vera Fernandes is Australia’s latest independent pop artist set to burst onto the music scene. Nominated for “Best Pop Artist of the Year” at the 2010 MusicOZ Awards and most recently as a Top 10 finalist in the national “New Artist 2 Radio" initiative run by Commercial Radio Australia, if you want to check out why Vera Fernandes has been hailed as an artist to watch just check out her first two singles “All About You” and “Sometimes We Fall”. The model-turned-singer now 26 years old, was born in Portugal and lives in Sunny Sydney where she has captured an overwhelming response from fans and peers alike.

Track Recommendation: "Sometimes We Fall"


Daylight Horror, "Experimental Garage Indie Pop Rock"

SAY'er: Nigel Sussman, San Francisco

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It started on a summer evening in San Francisco that felt like a brisk winter day in Maryland or Massachusetts. Beginning with the mundane act of ordering a beer at a bar, a series of events spiraled out of control, and changed the lives of the people who had the sick luck to be present. Was it a coincidence that the sky opened up, and the Daylight Horror arrived that day, or was it some hellish fate of the local music scene? Surviving witnesses are rare, so it is hard to verify exactly what Daylight Horror means, or why it came, but one thing is clear: It makes music. The sounds are sometimes sweet, sometimes scary, but always sexy.

Track Recommendation: "Lawn Chairs"


The Hot Toddies, "Sunny Beach Pop, Rock Riffs"

SAY'er: Erin Skidmore of San Francisco

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The Hot Toddies, an all-girl quartet from Oakland, CA mixes sunny beach pop, indie rock riffs, a bottle of whiskey and a dry sense of humor. Heidi, Erin, Jessica and Sylvia have been writing songs together since 2005.

Track Recommendation: "Only With You"


** The Hot Toddies are playing a Halloween themed show at The Rickshaw Stop on October 29th. Details:

Tracing Figures, "Shoe Gaze"

SAY'er: Laura Glascott, San Francisco

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Sometimes pegged as shoegaze, “nu-gaze", and even "post-gaze”, the four-piece alt-indie outfit Tracing Figures fancy themselves the more melodic, ethereal version of 90’s alternative. Heavily influenced by the pop-tinged sounds of contemporary indie rock artists, the band is evocative of Blonde Redhead, M83, The Cure, and Autolux, with delicate vocals often layered upon soaring melodic guitars and a meticulous clockwork of real-time effects, soft-synths, and sampled vintage drum machines.

Track Recommendation: "Less or More"


100%, "Indie Rock"

SAY'er: Ryan Christo and Matt Habegger, San Francisco

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100% is a loud indie rock band from the Bay Area, California. They used to play in a bunch of other bands but now they play in this one. They like lots of fuzz and big, layered sounds, and miss bands like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., Fugazi, Hum, Nirvana, and stuff like that. They have a bunch of amps and pedals that make cool sounds.

Track Recommendation: "Queen of Diamonds"


Lizzyspit, "Nu-Folk"

SAY'er: Elizabeth Knights, UK

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Hailed as the future of nu-folk, Lizzyspit has been described as an ‘absolutely beautiful' songwriter by Janice Long, and rated as 'well worth playing' by Steve Lemacq, of BBC Radio 2. Both DJs picked up 3 of her singles from her self-produced album she recorded in her bedroom, in a booth she'd made out of egg box trays. Her catchy, quirky songs are hard to shake, and once you've heard them, you'll be singing them all day.

The London-based singer-songwriter has recently released an unplugged EP, featuring 7 tracks, recorded at London’s historic venue the Troubadour - it showcases perfectly the powerful, captivating voice that has already won her so much critical acclaim. Bloggers and critics alike have all jumped on board in offering her immeasurable praise for her latest material. Amazing Radio and Smooth Radio have also offered airplay and support for this beautiful record and it's lead single, 'Talk You Down'.

Track Recommendation: "Not After This"


Dead Mile Dance, "Southern Classic Rock Cover Band"

SAY'er: Brian McFarland, NY

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Dead Mile Dance began its adventure sometime in 1999. The band members, all veterans on the East coast music scene, had an instant chemistry from the moment they jammed. They bring together a wide and diverse range of musical experience. They are most noted for their three part harmonies, duel leads and soulful groove as well as regularly having guest musicians (and local drunks) come up and jam.

Track Recommendation: Montage Video!


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