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SAY: Looking Sharp

At SAY we work with alot of passionate voices, and many of those passions are also shared by people who work at SAY on staff. Some of them love music, pets or tattoos - and a lot of them love photography. Here are just a few of the photographers on staff, a sample of their work, and a link to the artists' websites.

Take a look, like, repost, and most importantly tell your SAY co-workers how rad they are.

SAY'er: Matt Castanos of San Francisco

Flickr Account:

Image Title1

Wooden Pier: Taken along the Embarcadero with Oakland in the distance

Image Title2

Hillside: Taken from the top of a hiking trail in Corona Heights looking out at the Castro and Noe Valley

More Photos: Waving Goodbye, Surfing

SAY'er: Sarah Stringfellow of San Francisco


Image Title3

New Orleans

Image Title4


"This photo was part of my Senior Thesis which was an investigation into the houses my parents grew up in in New Orleans and Nashville. This shot didn't actually make the final show but I've always loved it. The Holga gives it a vague memory quality that makes me feel like I'm somehow looking back in time at something my mom may have seen in this house."

More Photos: Kuai

SAY'er Melanie Levi of Tampa, Florida


Image Title5

At the End of The Day

Image Title6

People, Places and Things

"I photograph shows in order to steal memories - the anticipation, the gasp of amazement, the look of rapture, and finally, the moment of utter exhaustion when it's finally over and everyone has given all that they can for the love of the music. Photographs are a visceral connection to these incredibly powerful, but ultimately fleeting moments. I want to capture as many as I can."

More Photos: Old Crow Medicine Show, People, Places and Things 2

SAY'er: Pat Landry of Montreal


Image Title7

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Image Title8

Sea Star

"I love doing underwater photography because a good shot is not easy to do. It's not like when your 2 feet are on the ground. You are floating in a liquid that moves you in all directions. Up, down, left, right, forward, backward… AND you have to deal with ambient light. Doing a good underwater picture is in my opinion 10 times harder than on land. Whatever the number of pictures you take (500, 1600, 3000,…) you never get more than 2-3% that are good enough to share. It's like the average CTS rate in AF banner!"

More Photos:

SAY'er: Kyle Plimack of San Francisco


Image Title9

Image Title10

"Music has always been a dominating force in my life. I spend most of my free time playing and composing music at home or going to shows around the country. Somewhere in my travels I bought a camera to document all the places and shows i've been to, and ended up working for my favorite band of all time, Umphrey's McGee. Now when I go to shows, I have a friend write and we submit our work to publishers. I just had some photos published in Premier Guitar Magazine and next month DRUM Magazine will be featuring some of my shots. I've also worked with The Wood Brothers, The New Deal, the Disco Biscuits, Cornmeal, Tornado Rider, Sound Tribe Sector 9, San Francisco's own Hot Buttered Rum, as well as a much of small bands."

More Photos:

SAY'er: Catherine Obuhuff of New York


Image Title11


Image Title12

Lake Tahoe, Sunset

"Most of my photography tries to tell a story of the feeling of the moment whether its scenic or an expression on a face. When someone looks at my photo and feels this moment, then there is an awesome human connection and understanding that isn't suspect to language barriers."

More Photos:

SAY'er: Thelo Aiken of San Francisco


Image Title13

Inviting Left

Image Title14

Lane Showing its Stuff

"The first shot at Ocean Beach is the typical surf experience. Powerful, cold, gloomy, wind and tide and swell sort of aligning, sharks, lots of paddling to get out to the rideable waves….it's not like surfing in the tropics or a spot like Malibu. It's always challenging and because of that it attracts a different kind of surfer. This guy is making his way out and trying to figure out the path of least resistance.

I consider photography a hobby of mine. I like to shoot portraits, beach landscape, surf, and travel pics. I have only had my stuff published a couple times…mostly online, but I did make it into the print edition of Drift Magazine in the UK once."

There were so many SAY'er submissions we couldn't show them all at once - look for more photos soon.

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