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Happy Birthday SAY!

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Happy Birthday SAY!

A year ago today we officially announced SAY to the world. We said our ambition was to "build a new kind of media company that is truly unique in the market". The modern media company. There were a ton of details to fill in.

I hope you'll take a few minutes today to reflect on just how much we've accomplished in the past year. Our amazing VIP event in Napa, SAY: Create, gave us a chance to reflect on how it's all coming together:

  • amazing to see the talent and passion of our editors who were on stage talking about their communities and the content they create - our editorial DNA is really taking root and it's exciting to see;

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  • we have understandable media channels (Style, Food, Living and Tech) that these passionate, talented folks are anchoring;

  • the launch of

    AdFrames 3 this week was incredibly well received by the market and reinforced that we are the leaders in digital ad experience and don't intend to slow down anytime soon;

  • and we pulled it all together with the announcement of the

    Clean Campaign — our focus on great content, compelling experience, and effective advertising integration is the platform for the future of SAY.

Most importantly, the growth SAY has experienced in the past year has been remarkable. It feels very similar to when we dove into advertising convinced there was a better way. Everyone has engaged in the possibility of a modern media company and the conversations and ideas that fly around our company are really exciting. We have learned so much in a year.

SAY is in its infancy. We're just getting started. But in just one year, we've accomplished more than I think anyone thought possible. The opportunity is certainly clearer today than a year ago, and as we continue to fill in more of the pieces (SAY Properties, new content and ad experiences, innovations to our technology platform and so, so much more on the horizon) we're just going to keep picking up speed. This has been a transformational year and we can't wait to show you what's next.

- Matt Sanchez, CEO, SAY Media

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