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Clutter Is Killing the Web

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"Just because you have a lot doesn’t mean that you have something that is of distinct value." - Rob Norman, WSJ, Sept 2011

5,000. That's the average number of ads and marketing messages Americans are exposed to each day – and if you're online and reading this, we're willing to bet you skew that number higher. That's because too many media sites today are beginning to resemble the houses of compulsive hoarders: a jumbled trainwreck of headlines and stories piled on each other with links, icons and ads thrown on top. Put another way: Clutter is killing digital media. Which is why at SAY we're pushing for a new kind of Web experience - an approach we're calling the "Clean Campaign."

The Clean Campaign is SAY’s commitment to making the digital content experience better for everyone by cutting Web page clutter and focusing consumer attention on the content they care about. The campaign is based on a set of 3 principles: clear editorial vision, a well-designed content experience, and premium advertising that complements the content. That means pushing against the prevailing trends on the Web, where articles are heaped on top of each other in table-format layouts, and then surrounded by ads. Instead, our partner sites are embracing cleaner designs, with only one ad on each page, presenting a better content experience for readers - and for brands. Like this. And this. And this.

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Powering the ad experience that supports the tenets of Clean is our newly launched AdFrames 3 platform, which we also announced this week. We've re-engineered our award-winning platform to give advertisers a better creative canvas to deliver richer ads that immerse consumers in a full brand experience without ever leaving a Web page. The result is faster, more immersive ads and features that let brands create an entire site experience in a single click.

We think the result is media experiences that are better for the reader, better for the publisher, and better for the advertiser.

We hope you'll join us.

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