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Great Design Is Everything

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Have nothing in your house that you do not consider to be useful or beautiful. - William Morris

If you've seen our work, attended one of our parties, or been the lucky recipient of our SAY swag, you know how important thoughtful, provocative and beautiful design is to the very core of our business. We thrive on the work of creative and passionate individuals who love to make beautiful, interesting and useful things – whether it's a new ad, website or piece of marketing collateral. To quote the great American modernist designer Paul Rand, "Design is everything, everything!" Which is why we're so pleased to announce we've added Remodelista, the sourcebook for the considered home, to the SAY family.

It's not an overstatement to say that most of us at SAY have been avid Remodelista fans for years (even Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan). Launched in 2007 by Julie Carlson and a group of friends who share the same design DNA, Remodelista is now one of the leading shelter and home design sites on the Web. And it's easy to see why. On the site you'll find classic and livable pieces over the trendy and transient; streamlined interiors over cluttered environments. Like the founders' style, the site is minimalist but not monastic, and it favors thoughtfully designed products over mass-market, disposable goods.

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Some of our favorite features on Remodelista include the incredibly simple but useful 10 Easy Pieces (the best product choices for your home, from kitchen faucets to drawer pulls to drinking glasses) and the beautifully crafted Steal This Look (everything you need to recreate a bath, kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom or office). This sensibility is a key reason Julie also is the curator of our new Shelter channel on the SAY 100.

Remodelista is the epitome of what we look for when acquiring or partnering with a new media property. The site and its editors have a strong voice and point of view, and they have established an enthusiastic community of 310,000 visitors each month. Remodelista's expertise in sustainable, beautiful home design will be a valuable resource to SAY – and as part of the SAY family, we'll be working with the editors to reach more home design enthusiasts and connect brands with their audience.

The acquisition of Remodelista marks another important milestone in the evolution of our company as we continue to build out our portfolio of owned and operated properties across key consumer interest areas including Home, Food, Tech, Style and Pets.

Let us know what you think.

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