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Think Tank, London

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Earlier today, SAY Media hosted our third industry Think Tank in London, this time exploring ‘the Power of Authenticity Online’. SAY's VP of artist development, Michael Sippey lead the discussion, and was joined by representatives from Leo Burnett, TNS Global, brands such as Dolby, and Draftfcb.

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The group kicked off the conversation by discussing the issues that can arise when brands attempt to engage with online communities. Instead of jumping into social media head-first, brands need to pause, identify where their influencers reside online, listen to the conversations already underway and then join in, adding value to the online community.

With this in mind, topics up for discussion ranged from how brands can identify the key influencers driving conversations online, to how global voices can impact local opinion, to the challenges marketers face by relinquishing control of brand assets, to whether certain brands should even exist online.

The range of participant backgrounds showed one key thing – the same challenges span across the entire industry. Engaging influencers online is a big challenge for brands; sharing ideas and solutions with our peers gets us one to step closer to being able to capitalise on the unsurpassed opportunity it represents.

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