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Sideshow Digital joins the SAY team

Today, we are excited to announce that SAY has acquired leading digital agency and long time SAY partner, Sideshow, to help in achieving our goal of making passion-media work for advertisers and consumers. Sideshow has expertise in building next generation media properties and innovative brand experiences and will be an integral part of the SAY Media Lab as we continue to develop new ways for people to create, consume and monetize content across digital platforms.

“SAY is committed to solving the monetization and experience challenges currently facing the vertical media ecosystem,” said Alex Schleifer, general manager of SAY’s Media Lab. “We’re excited to help SAY achieve this goal by developing new media properties, revenue models, content channels and user experiences that will make passion-media work for the industry.”

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The Media Lab will continue developing next generation publishing experiences like the one SAY recently created for - the company’s first owned and operated media property it has built from the ground up.

For more about the Sideshow acquisition, check out the full press release here. Please give Alex Schleifer, Adrian Cleave, and William Schleifer a warm welcome!

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