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Do not be fooled by our Goth Girl Problems of black lipstick while eating or likeness to such disaffected fictional characters, however! We are just as loserly enthusiastic as any one of you kids reading a blog on a Saturday night. More, even! I'm the one writing this!

Tavi Gevinson

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It seems like everyone is talking about the future of media, but most of the talk is about the evolution of distribution: social, tablets, mobile. At SAY we believe the change the industry's going through isn't just about how we consume content, but what we're consuming. It's not just that the mass media is splintering to bits. Title-driven media is also eroding, and is being replaced by content produced by passionate individuals. Think sports guy Bill Simmons' new venture Grantland. Or Julie Carlson's Remodelista. Or our very own Jane Pratt's

We like to call these creators Passionate Voices. These are real people with real expertise and enthusiasm who use blogs, Twitter and other digital publishing platforms to produce content with a strong point of view.

We wanted to get at the crux of what motivates and influences Passionate Voices, and, importantly, the people that follow them. Our new Guided By Voices research study is the result.

Through a series of focus groups, surveys and interviews we found that Passionate Voices are a major force in media. They inspire trust and action in their audiences, and these audiences have spending power, massive social networks and the ability to influence a lot of people. The bottom line is that marketers should take notice and explore opportunities to work with this new generation of content creators.

You can read more about Guided By Voices at, where you can watch highlights of our interviews with Passionate Voices, or download our white paper. We'd love to hear what you think.

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