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SAY + Jane =

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I want this to be the no-bullshit women's site.

Jane Pratt

Today is a big day for SAY Media. We're launching our first home-grown, owned and operated property,, and are excited to announce that Jane Pratt has joined the SAY team as editor-in-chief of, and editor and creative director of Style. You can read more in our press release, or in last Friday's AdAge story.

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Many of us here at SAY have been fans of Jane for years. Sassy and Jane were groundbreaking magazines, and Jane's career-long editorial mission -- delivering honest, straightforward content by and for real women -- has influenced a generation of editors and media professionals.

The site's a place where women can indulge in what makes them feel good about who they are, how they look and what they feel. The tone is direct, hilarious and honest; we can't help sharing headlines like "I'll Try Anything Once: Nude Bodysuit," "I Can't Date You Unless You Have a Smartphone" and "My Favorite Lipstick in the World! Plus: Why Men Are Lame."

Jane's been a pioneering voice in what we call passion media: honest, passionate content from people that are deeply engaged in their category, and care deeply about their audience. We believe in passion media because it's what consumers seek out, what shapes their opinions, and what they share with their friends.

And, passion media has always been important to brand advertisers. It's what the magazine industry was built on. Digital has created new opportunities to talk to consumers, but most brands find it hard to create emotional connections with an engaged audience, much less reach scale with their campaigns. Owning properties like xoJane will give us the ability to innovate quickly and effectively.

We're putting our money where our mouth is with We believe in the media type's potential to grow audience. We think we can make authors more successful with a next generation publishing platform. We think we can find ways of bringing brands into these communities in ways that benefit everyone.

It's a bold new chapter for SAY. We look forward to hearing what you think.

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