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Jane and friends celebrate the launch of

Last night, we celebrated the launch of xoJane at the appropriately-named Jane Hotel in New York. A VIP dinner reception at the hotel's Café Gitane kicked off the evening and the festivities continued with cocktails and conversation at the hotel bar. Many of Jane's celebrity friends came out to show their support, including Michael Stipe, Courtney Love, Mike D and Erin Fetherston to name a few.

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Jane poses with friends Courtney Love and Michael Stipe

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Jane with Eric Nicholson - xoJane contributor, Emily McCombs - xoJane managing editor and Cat Marnell - xoJane beauty editor

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Jane chats with Erin Fetherston

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Folks gathering in the lobby of the Jane

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The table at Café Gitane

*All photos taken by Eugene Mim for Patrick McMullan

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