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Better Know a Blog Crew: Dogster Edition

Some folks collect hubcaps, vintage compressors and frog figurines. As Dogster and Catster’s resident editor-in-chief, I’ve had the pleasure of collecting talent.

And like any magpie (or geek with a sizable action figure collection), I’m eager to show off the shiny bits of colored glass I’ve tucked into my virtual nest. So without further delay, I give you the stars of my small but growing team of voices from the Dogster/Catster-verse:

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Maria Goodavage – Maria is the force of nature behind Dogster’s For the Love of Dog Blog, where canine-centric news, contests and general tomfoolery reside. She’s written for USA Today, founded The Dog Lover’s Companion guidebook series and is currently gearing up to hop around the country interviewing pets and people for a book on war dogs. Her yellow Lab, Jake, sometimes lends a paw and addresses the Dog Blog’s sizable audience with his own unique voice. Read more about Maria’s awesomeness here.

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Julia Szabo – Julia may be the most prolific of all our writers. You might remember her from the Sunday New York Post’s popular Pets column, or come across her work in any number of magazines. Julia has six books to her name and is on Dogster five days a week bringing readers everything from doggie style tips to her adventures in adoption, rescue and amazingly, romance. She is also our resident alternative pet medicine guru. Check out this fabulous article she penned for this week’s Dogster newsletter: 10 Healing Herbs for Hounds and Humans.

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Dr. Eric Barchas, DVM – Dr. Barchas has been with Dogster since the site was in diapers. His column, “The Vet Blog” is the top item when one googles “vet blog,” (yay!) and in it he gives readers a glimpse of the veterinary world. Eric is an emergency vet and works tough hours but still makes time to answer questions e-mailed by our community.

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Dorian Wagner – Dorian is one cat shy of being a crazy cat lady (she has two, Pimp and Moo, and claims you need three to qualify) and is the latest addition to our little team. She recently took over our popular Cat’s Meow blog, and brings readers the latest from the cat meme world, contests and plenty of cute. Dorian has a good deal of experience with all things cute – we found her by stalking her other site, Your Daily Cute.

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JaneA Kelley – JaneA is a longtime contributor to our Daily Cat Tip blog and newsletter. She runs Paws and Effect, a wonderful advice column by cats for cats and their people. We liked her site and her style so much that we invited her to be our kitty correspondent – JaneA covers cat news for Catster via KNN (The Kitty News Network) and still pens tips for us on the side.

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Casey Lomonaco – Casey is a chunk of gold mined from our very own community. For years she was a valuable resource in the Dogster forums, giving other dog owners advice from a professional trainer’s perspective. She is a frequent contributor to our Daily Dog Tip blog and newsletter, and now has her own column with us, Dogster’s Dog Training Guide. Given her own soapbox, Casey is unstoppable and she does not hold back when it comes to ridiculing outdated training methods or showing newbies the ropes. Also, she wants you to know that not many dogs like hugs.

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Brad O’Farrell – If you’ve seen pictures of kittens followed by witty (non-LOL) captions on the Internet, you’ve likely already encountered Brad O’Farrell’s work. Brad rounds up cute and/or misbehaving cats for Catster’s Catatar, adorable dogs for Dogster’s Dogatar and warm and fuzzy creatures for Snuzzy, our original photo blog. Brad is the guy behind the Keyboard Cat meme that went around a while back, and is sometimes seen at conventions dressed as his creation. In his free time he lifts weights and ponders the secret lives of Pokémon.

Janine Kahn is the Editorial and Content Manager for SAY’s Dogster properties.

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