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Conversations Take Off!

In addition to the official launch of the SAY: 100 and our big splash at SXSW, March also brought about the very first campaign to feature our Conversations product (woo!)— As our launch partner, Microsoft ran two flights promoting their new slate product, Asus, across five great blogs:,,,, and

Microsoft truly understands the importance of authenticity and context, which made this campaign not only a win for our Voices partners, but also for their audiences. Sahas Katta of SkatterTech shared, “Someone mentioned that they truly loved the poll widget we had running during last week's campaign. Rather than a obtrusive banner ad, Conversation units are appropriately targeted towards our audience and are definitely more engaging.”

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The launch of Conversations was a great experience—it’s never easy to get a new product off the ground, so kudos to all who helped make it happen—especially our awesome Voices partners who did an amazing job not only with their help in getting things live and looking great, but also with their thoughtful answers and help promoting the conversation across Twitter and Facebook. You guys are rad!

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