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SAY: Mobile Solutions update

Today, we are excited to announce SAY Media’s newly expanded Mobile Solution – version 2.0 of the Say Media mobile Integration Kit is now available to our mobile partners! With this update, SAY continues to find better ways for brands to capture attention and leverage influence – on the Apple iPhone, iPod touch, and now on the iPad.

The SAY Mobile Solution drives increased brand engagement through several major improvements, including:

• Richer full-screen ad experiences with more device functionality and interactivity

• New interstitial ad product to enhance engagement (AdFrames Mobile TWiXT)

• New supported device (iPad)

• Increased performance and stability

• Improved app list to help advertisers reach their audience

• Enhanced targeting parameters provide more ways to reach the desired audience – by category, demographic and location

You can check it out SAY’s new Mobile offering yourself by downloading the Scrambled app from the Apple App Store.

Want to know more? Check out the videos below and then head over to our publisher site to sign up.

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