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From the SAY 100: David Meerman Scott's Crowdsourced Video

One of the things we love about the SAY 100 is that how we have a great way to discover (and share!) interesting things that people on the list are doing. This week David Meerman Scott, who writes the great blog Web Ink Now, and was picked by Seth Godin as one of his top voices in the SAY 100 Business Channel, launched an interesting project he's been working on: a crowdsourced video of a talk he gave earlier this year about real time marketing.

If you've seen the fan shot concert videos by The Beastie Boys and Radiohead, David's approach will be familiar: he asked a dozen people in the audience to film his talk from their perspectives, and then edited in the real time Twitter reactions from people in the room and around the web.

Here's the trailer for David's talk:

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You can watch the full talk on Vimeo, and read more about it on Web Ink Now.

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