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Disaster + Relief = Donate Now

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In general, we are all better at responding to human suffering caused by dramatic, telegenic emergencies than to the much greater loss of life from ongoing hunger, disease and conflict.

Matthew Bishop, Author, Philanthrocapitalism

The tragedy in Japan has sparked a desire in many of us to take action: whether that's through personal prayer, collective mourning, charitable donations or on-the-ground-volunteer work. And while giving in response to a disaster is laudable, it's unfortunate that it takes an event of this scale to get us to pay attention and open our wallets. We ask you to join us in supporting NGOs that work day in and day out to improve conditions for the impoverished around the well as the rescue and relief efforts in Japan.

Supporting organizations like Doctors Without Borders (MSF) with unrestricted funds helps them address the needs of the less fortunate, whether they're in today's headlines or not. Some of your money may go to Japan; all of it will go areas where it's sorely needed. If you are compelled to donate to organizations that provide disaster relief, be sure not to earmark your donation, as it may force the organization to spend money where it's no longer essential, and keep it from funding the projects that need it most.

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Most importantly, remember to give...and give often. Just because worldwide poverty, violence and injustice isn't always front page news doesn't mean it's not deserving of our attention and our aid.

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