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The Ruckus: The Interview: Local Natives

The Ruckus, an independent music and pop-culture (TypePad) blog written by a team of music and pop-culture obsessed bloggers, recently interviewed the headliners of our SXSW Interactive party - the Local Natives. So cool (and coincidental).

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Lets start with that age old question, musical influences?

Kelcey: It's kind of different for everybody. Everyone is a songwriter in the group so we all have our own influences. We have Zombies and Beach Boys influences coming through on the vocals and harmonies. CSNY is definitely a factor for writing. And we enjoy newer bands that do harmonies in different ways, for instance we are all huge Animal Collective fans. And then big bands like Broken Social Scene who have a big wallop sound.

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Matt: Yeah thats kind of like a general all encompassing idea of us, where we meet in the middle. If we had to all five choose those would be good options. But otherwise you could go to the recently played songs on any one of our iTunes and they will probably all be different.

How did you all get into music? How did you start playing as a band?

Matt: Well Kelcey, Ryan and Taylor have been playing together in some form or another for close to 8 years now. Taylor and Ryan met in Junior High, and then they met Kelcey at a neighbouring highschool. They kind of all grew up in the same similar area of Orange County. So they've been playing together for a while, singing together. Then Andy came into the mix about five and a half years ago through a mutual friend and then I joined about 4 and a half years ago. It was a different name and slightly different music when we all came together almost 5 years ago but I guess it's kind of evolved into what it is now.

Kelcey: When we started we would play together and were trying to figure out what kind of sound we were gonna be and we were doing college and jobs, so had one foot in and one foot out kinda deal. So it was about a year and a half or two years ago when we wrote some songs and thought we would be able to do this as a career. So thats when Local Natives started really.


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