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iPad and Subscriptions

By Matt Rosenberg, VP Solutions (via iMedia Connection)

No need to reiterate the angst over Apple standing in the way of content subscriptions through iPad apps. Instead of wringing our hands, let's think about how we can wring content out of the iPad.

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I subscribe to the New Yorker, the print edition. If I got a mirror of that subscription on the iPad, even for an extra few bucks, I would love to read it in an app. But an app is not required to read the New Yorker on the iPad. Print subscribers can read the whole magazine worth of content on the web, with a password. So if you want to read the New Yorker on your iPad, use Safari. You lose the ability to have turning a page feel like turning a page, but since when do we expect our digital worlds to feel like print?

If other publishers who do not have a system like the NYer want to put pressure on Apple to allow subscriptions through iPad apps, they just have to set up something similar. When Apple realizes that the content is the star of the show and not the app, they will relent. If publishers are content with Apple's current system, then that's what we'll have.

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