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SAY Media: VideoEgg/Six Apart Deal is Closed

I’m happy to announce that we have completed the acquisition of Six Apart and beginning today we are operating as a combined company. This is an exciting time as the strong talent that once made up VideoEgg and Six Apart come together under the SAY Media brand with a common goal: to build a modern media company.

Media is changing faster than traditional companies have been able to respond, moving fluidly across devices and social platforms, and authored by a new breed of passionate, niche creators. Advertising technologies and media capabilities have not kept pace with the change. SAY will deliver better approaches for content creators and advertisers. Allowing brands to distribute, integrate and measure advertising experiences, thus enabling more them to realize the potential of digital media; and helping creators to build larger audiences and earn more through better connection with large brands that care about their passionate audiences.

And we’ll accomplish this in the same way we’ve been successful in the past – by following our passion for crafting innovative solutions to tough problems. That’s how we’ve gotten to this place. We've learned to embrace change, to think differently and always push beyond the status quo. And as we continue to push forward, I’m happy to welcome the Six Apart team to the SAY family.

I’d like to recognize the newest members of the SAY Media executive team:

Ben Trott, CTO

David Tokheim, SVP Media

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Andrew Anker, SVP Corporate Development

Jeff Ash, SVP Operations

And the many other folks joining the SAY team today who have so much to contribute to the vision. The combined company represents a true powerhouse of individuals at all levels.

This is an exciting time and we’re in an excellent position. I hope that our employees, clients and partners are as thrilled as I am about our future as SAY Media.

Matt Sanchez

CEO, SAY Media


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