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SAY Media - Week in Review 10/22

This week we announced a large-scale, research project in partnership with IPG Media Lab, comScore and TRU to better understand broad, consumer media consumption trends.

We’ve heard for ages about a new breed of consumer who is time and device shifting on a very regular basis but we haven’t really seen a ton of hard data on this specific segment. In fact, many of us who helped conduct the study fit squarely into this segment as we tote around our smart phones and iPads and put our DVRs and Netflix subscriptions to regular use.

Don’t get us wrong… we knew the trend of opting out of live TV was certainly prevalent, but honestly we had no idea just how enormous this set of the population was. Nearly 56 million adult, online consumers in the United States avoid live TV all together – that is 1/3 of this population!

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Keep in mind, it doesn’t mean that they don’t watch TV – they just don’t watch it live. Why? Because time and device shifting allows them to skip right through the ads and use that time to do other things. In fact, they actually are able to watch MORE TV than they would if they were watching it live and having to sit through commercials.

As marketers continue to increase their TV ad spend, their target audience is dwindling. And with new products assaulting the market like Google TV and the revamped Apple TV and the increasing popularity of services like Hulu and Netflix, the consumer has never had so much control on how they enjoy their video.

VentureBeat and GigaOm both had some interesting viewpoints on our research results, so check them out when you have a moment. Or if you’d like to learn more about the implications to marketers, give us a shout.

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