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SAY Media - Week in Review 10/15

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TV is certainly the buzzword this week - there’s AppleTV, GoogleTV, U-verse TV and the list goes on and on. Then you have the bevy of streaming services and the impending Hulu vs. Netflix smack down that is guaranteed to get interesting. Bottom line: it seems that everyone is looking for ways to give consumers complete control over their media consumption through hardware and services.

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Despite rampant talk of cutting the cable cord and time/device shifting, Joe at MediaPost, thinks that television is still king because using the Internet to deliver a brand message will not scale. We respectfully disagree and think that the other Joe (at the Los Angeles Times) serves up some very good points that marketers should have on their radar because times are a changin’.

Not so ironically, we will be releasing the results of a research study on Tuesday discussing a huge segment of the population who manages – quite deftly – to avoid television advertising through a variety of tools and tricks. Additionally, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on how marketers can ensure that they continue to reach this important and growing segment.

Check back on Tuesday for more information including our press release, white paper and highlight video.

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