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SAY Media launches Off the Grid research study at the Pivot Conference in NYC

We launched our Off the Grid research results today with IPG Media Lab and comScore and found out that nearly 56 million, online adults in the United States do not watch live television and are very adept at avoiding prime time advertising by time and device shifting. Consumer behavior is drastically changing and marketers need to catch up. You can check out the full results of the study in the form of our white paper as well as advice to marketers here.

Additionally, our very own VP of Solutions, Matt Rosenberg, presented the results to a packed house at the Pivot Conference in New York City today. The attending crowd identified themselves as 40 percent On Demanders and 40 percent Opt Outs, reiterating how pervasive and important this specific Off the Grid audience segment truly is.

We captured some images from the show floor and our workshop below.

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