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Engage or Be Eaten

When was the last time you were genuinely moved by an online ad?

This question is at the heart of our goal to make online advertising better. Our focus has always been on helping brand managers and media buyers make the online space more engaging for the audiences they’re trying to reach. You’ve probably seen our campaigns. You won’t find static images and single video snippets, but you will find an engaging experience wrapped with videos, maps, games, galleries, surveys and the latest social functionality.

So it’s not surprising to read this week that other networks are following suit. Well, actually, it’s a little surprising that is has taken this long. After all, this is an area we pioneered more than three years ago as a logical evolution of brand advertising. We’ve always believed that engagement has a significant impact on brand metrics and this is the value we deliver to brand advertisers.

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It makes sense though; doesn’t it? We live in a world where the consumer is in control, the space devoted to advertising is small and we’re competing with content, not taking turns with it as we do in the TV model. In order to grab consumer attention online, ads have to be engaging, useful and entertaining. This is hard to do, but we spend a lot of time thinking about the consumer experience and constantly push ourselves to build new forms of advertising that respect and engage users.

We’ve learned a lot about how to create and deliver quality engagement over the past three years. Yet today engagement has become one of the most important, but least well defined word in our industry. How do agencies or brands define it? How do YOU define it? Is it how long someone spends on a site? Is it the click-through to the next game in a sequence on the full-on engagement site? Ask anyone, it’s rare to find a common (or right) definition. We need to all be involved in the conversation and approach it with honesty, integrity and respect for the ways consumers interact with advertising.

While it might be complex, we have made huge steps over the last three years by working with major brands like Adidas, Disney, GM, and P&G and many of the world’s top advertising agencies to create and refine engagement campaigns that work. It’s great to see other companies starting to get their feet wet in this area and to move their business from clicks to sheer engagement.

By Troy Young, President of VideoEgg

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