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Action Starts with Attention

On Monday night we watched and were truly moved by the The Lazarus Effect, a documentary examining AIDS programs in Africa. The film, produced by (RED)™ founder Smith Ellis, tracks the experience of four individuals in Zambia and documents the incredible effects of antiretroviral pills (ARVs) – costing just 40 cents a day – on people, their families and communities.

As part of our VideoEgg Cares program, we had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with (RED) to drive awareness around film through a pro-bono campaign, utilizing AdFrames display, mobile, and Doc. The campaign launched on May 18 and will run across select sites in our network through June 30.

In further support of (RED) we also launched an attention dashboard that allows you to see real-time results from all VideoEgg ad units delivered for the Lazarus Effect campaign across our network. The attention dashboard measures impressions, discrete engagements, average time spent, video views and secondary actions.

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We invite you to view these results in real-time and to leverage our interactive features to further promote (RED) and the documentary through social sharing tools. To date we have delivered more than 7M impressions and more than 300M seconds of attention to The Lazarus Effect.

We previously worked with (RED) to promote (RED)NIGHTS, 28 nights of incredible music by great musicians like Katy Perry, Fall Out Boy and Wolfmother. The campaign, which ran from Nov. 6th – Nov. 20th, 2009 across the VideoEgg network, resulted in 10.5 million unique impressions and more than 95,000 engagements.

(RED) is an important cause that we’re proud to support.

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