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Delivering Quality Engagement

We work hard to create and deliver advertising that respects user experience and delivers quality engagement. Our AdFrames ad unit is user-initiated and the interaction is highly qualified by our trusted 3-2-1 countdown method. This approach, coupled with our engagement-based pricing model, ensures that advertisers realize tremendous value and only pay for distinct interactions.

In an effort to better understand the engagement behaviors of users, we recently began tracking “interactions” with our invitations that terminate short of engagement. Such an event can be described in two phases – a mouse over that causes the 3-2-1 countdown to begin, followed by removal of the mouse which stops and resets the expansion countdown. Our takeover experience is not triggered under such circumstances because this user action does not demonstrate sufficient intent.

We gathered the following data on the VideoEgg network:

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Banner Dimensions 300 x 250 728 x 90 Twig 160×600 Other Total Interaction Rate 14.9% 22.8% 34.7% 16.6% 10.5% 20.1%

Interaction Rate clearly varies by ad size – most notably our Twig product, which generates a higher interaction rate given that it splits the user screen – but overall we see that approximately 20% of the AdFrames we serve experience an interaction as defined above. We generally see about a 1% Engagement Rate on our network, which implies 20 independent users interact with a Videoegg ad for each billable engagement generated. This represents significant added value to the advertiser and provides a framework for comparison of VideoEgg AdFrames against other rich media products.

We do not bill for “interactions” because our goal is to deliver users into a deep brand experience. But whether intentional or not, when a user rolls over a video banner and begins the countdown, at some level they are aware of the advertiser’s presence. Yet this awareness is achieved in a respectful manner as the ad does not immediately fully expand and cover content on the page.

Remember, if 20 independent users interact with a VideoEgg ad for each billable engagement generated, that indicates that only 1 out of 21 roll-over interactions is highly qualified. Put into context, this means that more than 95% of roll-over interactions are at best marginal and at worst unintentional. This observation calls into question the value of other rich media interactive ads with less qualified engagement screening.

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