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Word on the Street… The OMMA Global Beat

The VideoEgg team was out in full force last week at OMMA Global, where we unveiled results from a huge study in collaboration with comScore and spent time interviewing conference-goers about their views on the online advertising industry today. Our booth (#301) also turned out to be a hit, just ask MediaPost’s Kelly Samardak who said “The crew over at VideoEgg with their adorable bird logo and make your own tshirt station always had handfuls of people milling around them…”

Thanks, Kelly – we had a blast, too.

Our study – Maximizing Brand Lift with Online Advertising – was also discussed throughout the week. We will be sharing video highlights from our presentation on the study later this week, but in the meantime, take a look at what some of our friends had to say about the results.

Mike Shields of MediaWeek used the results to look at why “video ads proved to be more engaging,” explaining that “engaging ads move the needle better than standard ads…AdFrame units, expandable placements that take over a portion of a Web page, were roughly twice as impactful as standard IAB banners when it comes to driving awareness.”

In addition to the value of online video ads, Gavin O’Malley at MediaPost looked at what the results said about the impact of environment on brand lift, explaining that “while consumers are more familiar with brand-name sites — and rate them more favorably on a number of site design measures — overall, the type of site did not impact the performance of engaging ad units.”

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For more discussion on our study, check out what iMedia Connection’s Tim Loc had to say and why BizReport’s Kristina Knight feels video can no longer be ignored.

Oh yeah, and we’ve created a recap of our time at OMMA and our conversations with attendees in the video below.

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