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What impact will the iPad have on the publishing industry?

This is an interesting take on what change the iPad will have on the publishing industry. Namely that more things will be published digitally, and the quality of analog publishing will go up while the quantity goes down.

From a designer and consumer perspective, I find it true – though disappointing. Some of my favorite books are disposable paperbacks from decades past – strange covers and fanciful illustrations that caught my eye as i was browsing through a book store or found on the street. The serendipity of happening upon something interesting as you walk by will be compromised by the digital age of books, I think. I already find that happening as I read free books on my phone – choosing by title isn’t particularly effective, but browsing the covers has found me some entertaining reads.

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best quote from the article?

“When Danielle Steele sits at her computer, she doesn’t think much about how the text will look printed. She thinks about the story as a waterfall of text, as something that can be poured into any container. (Actually, she probably just thinks awkward and sexy things, but awkward and sexy things without regard for final form.)”

By Mary Harburg-Petrich, Creative Lead at VideoEgg

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